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About #BobcatsRising

Through our #BobcatsRising initiative, we hope to share many of the wonderful stories unfolding within our school more fully into our community through our Fusion magazine, which lands in every district mailbox 4-times each year, our monthly podcast, featuring interviews with members of our school community who are making a difference every day for our children, through a video extension of our Meridian story, and much more.

We deeply value the role our community plays in the education of our students and hope you'll choose to become an engaged part of that effort, to whatever extent you are able. 

As part of our community, you are already part of #BobcatsRising. Because the support of our schools rests upon the shoulders of each and every one of us who wants the best for our kids and for our community. Whether it’s volunteering in our school, sharing your expertise, coaching a sport, mentoring kids, serving on a committee, or just cheering our kids on, you’re part of Meridain BobcatsRising!

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