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Lifelong Mounds residential phenom Corrin Wilson, Beta Club and National Honor Society member, claims she doesn't do all that much after school besides sleep and watch television. However, her mind is busy crunching figures. Not only is she good at math, but she’s funneling that math knowledge into a very practical career in sales.

The Real Deal
I’m a very positive person. I don’t like too much negativity.

When Corrin was in sixth grade, she wrote a paper and gave a presentation on real estate. She’s been fascinated with the field ever since. “I want to do real estate,” she bluntly says. She plans to gain a business education at a university so she can become a broker. “I want to start out small, a little bit,” she explains, “then go bigger the better and older I get.” So far, she’s gaining valuable sales experience by selling clothes and shoes on consignment. “Basically, I like selling things,” she says. “My Auntie lives in Clarksville and she knows about real estate around there.” When the time arrives to put her real estate chops to the test, she says she’ll try opening shop in the Clarksville/Nashville area first so she can draw on her Auntie’s vast knowledge.

Right now, Corrin aims for on-the-job experience. When she’s not wrecking the basketball court, watching television, or sleeping, she’s researching job applications. She’s working on an application to either Champs or Finish Line, where she’ll no doubt learn the people skills necessary to move property in a challenging market. Corrin’s experience with people is solid, though. If her friends described her, she reports they’d say she’s “good, kind, not really mean, nice, and helpful.” “I’m a very positive person. I don’t like too much negativity,” she says. “I'm quiet most of the time. If you speak, I’ll speak back.”


She wants to sell property, but she already sells tough competition and swagger to opposing teams on the court. The letters have started to arrive from schools looking to latch onto her basketball talent, including DePaul, SEMO, and Michigan State. We ask her about her basketball highlights, and she recalls one of her favorite games against Murphysboro, where she scored 19 points with 7 rebounds. It’s no surprise that national colleges are interested in her brand of talent.


If she could go back in time and speak to her younger self, she would have a specific set of instructions for herself. “I'd probably prepare myself for the high school life,” Corrin says, “and the outside world for when I graduate.” When she graduates in 2024, she’ll miss Meridian. “I just like it. The people. It’s a good school,” she says. All good things draw to a close, and as much as she might miss high school, there are houses to sell and goals to make. When she frames the first dollar she makes from a real estate sale in her Clarksville apartment, she’ll remember the people like her Auntie and her mom who inspired her to push forward and reach that point. We’ll keep you in mind if we’re ever in the market for a home, Corrin.

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