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Jami Green

For the Greater Good

By Nate Fisher

“It’s about the connection. Individuals within their community make it a community.”

Born and raised in Cairo, Jami Green’s calling to Meridian was motivated by regionality, her love for secretarial work, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference. After years of substituting in the classroom at Cairo, the opportunity to become the Guidance Office Registrar/Administrative Assistant here in Mounds was easy to say yes to. “You want to be able to go to work knowing that the people there are in it for the greater good,” she explains. For someone who fawns over the opportunity to do administrative work, Jami has nothing but the greater good in her high beams.

The heart of this office registrar contains chambers far larger than her office, and her family echoes through its devoted rooms. A single mother of three, Jami is visibly proud when recounting her children’s triumphs against the odds: her eldest, the holder of a Master’s degree in communications and a professor, her middle child in a managerial role, and her youngest with ready-togo potential at twelve years old. Their success stories are proof of Jami’s conviction in overcoming adversity through support and determination, the values she imparts to her students in her guidance role.

Although staff members come from diverse backgrounds, Jami notes that Meridian shares a common vision: a dedication to student well-being and success. “It’s very close-knit,” she observes. The emotional proximity of staff provides a working dynamic where personal connections transcend one’s background. Through her collaborative efforts, Jami has fostered a supportive, understanding environment conducive to open dialogue and collective progress that’s become the norm in our district.

Jami’s brief relocation to Roswell, New Mexico, is a touching reminder of the value of a close community. Not only were extraterrestrials abundant in the kitschy, tourist-driven desert town, but it also felt “alien” to be a resident. She recalls thinking, “I don’t fit in; this is a different culture. I thought it’d be better. But it isn’t better because it’s about the connection. Individuals within their community make it a community, you know what I mean?” The stark contrast to her Illinois background underscored the importance of belonging and authenticity. “It allows me to be myself...I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she reflected on her return to Mounds. For Jami, the essence of our community lies in its familiarity, shared history, and the ability to walk to the post office and see two or three people who recognize you along the way.

The day-to-day operations of a guidance office require an unparalleled depth of empathy and understanding, and Jami recognizes the complex challenges students face. She approaches each with a nurturing spirit, striving to instill confidence and resilience. “These kids today need that love and support,” Jami asserts, her dedication driven by a wish to see every student believe in their potential, much like her own children, and achieve their dreams, no matter how wild and unpredictable.

As Jami looks to the future, her aspirations extend beyond the borders of Mounds. She wants to witness the world’s historical and cultural treasures, from the Acropolis of Athens in Greece to the Okavango Delta in Africa. Yet her journey of discovery also represents a continued commitment to education, hoping to inspire her students and all whom she encounters to relay her travels, building history wherever she treads.

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